Many companies are available in the field of animal feed manufacturing and they have a large production capacity to meet every need. When it comes to cattle and poultry farm feed business, many known and famous companies occupy a prime position in this business. Well breed cattle and livestock are always in demand and to make them fit, it is important to provide them with quality food. People are investing in large amounts in animal feed manufacturing industry and it increases the competition which ultimately provides a quality product to the end-user. It is very important to select the best Rice DDGS for healthy livestock.


Distillers dried grains with soluble is the full form of DDGS. Understand its nutrition value to know why it is best for your livestock.

  • Protein Min 45%
  • Moisture Max 10%
  • Fats 3-5%
  • Fibre 4-7%
  • Sand Silica 1-3%
  • Energy ( Kcal/Kg) 2800-3200
  • Pepsin Digestibility Min 85%


Provide your livestock with DDGS formulated feeds that resulted in:

  • Feeding DDGS formulated feed provides Excellent animal health
  • It helps in improving the Performance of livestock
  • The product has a long shelf life
  • It is gaining popularity due to Rich nutritional value
  • The product is rich and high in fat content


When it comes to deciding over the best feed product, one should do little research before buying it.  Little research will help you to get in contact with best in class Rice DDGS for your livestock which would best for your animals and ultimately beneficial for your customer. If you have livestock with you, you need to take good care of them and the first step towards their welfare is to provide them good quality food so that they gain health. Livestock’s are living being and they should be treated with respect for sure.


Feeding quality food to livestock is not a new term, but it is gaining popularity from the recent past. There are several food suppliers for livestock available, but you have select one which is known for providing a quality product to your livestock without any delay. One should always select a trusted and reliable brand in the market for the best quality feed so that your livestock gain good health. When you select the right supplier for Rice DDGS, you will get products like feed for cattle, sheep, pig, dairy livestock, beef animals, and even poultry in some cases.

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