Leading Provider Of Cattle & Fish Feed In Maharashtra

Rishaan Enterprises is amongst the most trusted manufacturers and suppliers of DDGS and gluten feeds Maharashtra. We have carved a niche in providing premium quality products to all clients. Our products are known to meet the dietary needs of all types of cattle, fish and poultry animals. Since our inception in 1932, we have been working hard to rise above the expectations of our farm owners across Maharashtra.

Our Products Include –

  • Rice DDGS
  • Corn DDGS
  • Maize DDGS
  • Rice Gluten
  • Maize Gluten
  • Corn Gluten

The feed products are produced after a thorough research and special attention is given to check their quality as well as nutritional content. The final product passes through a strict quality assessment before being packed and transported to the market. Our feeds have been known to improve the productivity and immunity of the animals.

If you have any queries regarding our DDGS or gluten feed products offered in Maharashtra, call at 0173 – 325 6056.