Best DDGS & Rice Gluten Feed In Haryana

We, at Rishaan Enterprises, provide top-level DDGS and gluten feed for cattle, fish and poultry industries in Haryana. Since our inception as a subsidiary of Radha Group Of Companies, we have built a strong reputation by providing nutrient-rich feed to the farm owners across the state. We use efficient processing methods, to ensure best quality and hygiene of all feed products.

Serving Farm Industries Across Haryana

Rishaan Enterprises offers rice gluten, corn DDGS, maize gluten and rice DDGS feeds for cattle, fish as well as poultry animals. The feeds are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and proteins, which improve animals’ reproductive ability and health. Farm owners in Haryana can get in touch to order high quality feed products for their animals.

For any queries about the products, call at 0173 – 3256056.